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PlayPHIL current development is focused on our mainnet launch. From there, we will work diligently to continuously improve, aiming to be the main GameFi platform for Web2 game studios and players.
PlayPHIL Roadmap 2023
  • Project Announcement to Public
  • SDK for porting Web2 games to Web3 (for Unity)
  • E-mail based authorization without a wallet
  • Portal UI: personal account, game directory
  • First games on the platform
  • TestNet launch (15th March 2023)
  • NFT mint for early access to the platform
  • V1 MainNet Launch (25 June 2023)
  • Dashboard and analytics
  • Token airdrop to early users
  • DAO presentation
  • 30+ games on the platform
  • Focus on AMA with Partners to increase our community, encourage sales and social impact partnerships
  • Ongoing Social and Community Development
  • Mobile Store launch (Android)
  • Launch of our Bug Bounty Program
  • DAO launch
  • NFT mint for DAO
  • Social impact collaborations and 50+ environmental projects supported
  • 80+ games at the platform
  • Monthly newsletter launch for direct communication with our players
  • SDK for Web3 native games release
  • 100+ environmental projects supported
  • DAO Ambassador Program Testing & Implementation
  • NFT Airdrop Ph2
  • 150+ games at the platform
This Roadmap is subject to flexibility and we will be sure to communicate any changes to our community first.
We are looking forward to achieving these milestones and happy to have support that we’ve already received.
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